Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Magnolia Trees

Last April my family and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, something we frequently do to get a little exercise and fresh air. Often as we walk we gather ideas for home improvement and gardening, and just to see what the neighborhood trends are. As we walked I could smell the satisfying smell of the short lived magnolia blooms- the warm musk embracing each home. As we continued to walk I noticed several trees in bloom and longed for a tree of my own. They remind me of my grandparents. Daily visits to their home in the spring made for cherished, aroma filled memories collected in my heart of hearts that poured out even deeper appreciation for days gone by.

Upon finishing our walk, with lowered eyes and a bit of murmur, I made plans of buying a tree of my own. Just then the smell reached me once more and I looked up to see a magnolia tree in full bloom in my front yard! I could not believe it was there all this time. Instantly I felt some shame as to not recognize the blessing in bloom right before my eyes.

I believe God spoke to me that day. The Holy Spirit reminded me to look up and see the blessings before me. When we look down we encourage fail our hearts into missing the panoramic view of what God has in store for us. The enemy can use lowered eyes and ungrateful hearts to keep us from our God-sents. I was reminded of this again on this very week. I had come home Monday evening from a long day at work after a very long and tedious travel home from Puerto Rico. My grandfather passed. He will be missed greatly- Puerto Rico will never be the same. But maybe it doesn’t have to. Maybe God wants me to continue appreciating the days gone by, and to work on building more memories for my own family. When I reached my driveway I looked up once again to see my beautiful magnolia tree with pink and white leaves broken from the bud. They have been waiting for my arrival. But this time, I let a single day go by without gazing upon the beauty of the blessing before me.