Friday, January 10, 2014

2014- Let's do this!

Each new year brings new, refreshed hope. Looking back there is absolutely NOTHING to complain about from 2013. God is, as always and forever, AMAZING. I appreciate His goodness towards me. But with every transition there is a time to sit back and reflect on the things of old as we await the new. With this in mind, I want to reminisce on some of the awesome things that came from 2013.
  1. Morning Prayer- God had been dealing with me greatly on "commanding my morning." I've been pushed to immediately, almost ritually, go directly into prayer as soon as I hit the alarm clock. This has had its challenges (I'm not a morning person- but I'm coming out of that... kinda?) yet over time it almost became a part of me... just something I do! Kinda like when you brush your teeth or fix a cup of coffee. It was jus something I do without much thought or consideration because I know how much I need Jesus in my everyday life. Living without Christ is pointless and meaningless. There's no direction and goal. There's no focus. These are all things that I need daily and I know that taking just a few minutes to set my day in motion can do so much more in my favor than trying it on my own. Morning prayer folks- It works!
  2. $ Moohlah Saved!- I can say that I not only reached my financial goal for the year- I superceded it by nearly double than I had planned and expected. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of hard work and will power. One thing I learned is that it is definately ok to tell yourself "no"...sometimes!
  3. Weight Lost- I finally reached my ideal weight range! I am so excited about that. It wasn't much, but it was what I needed to push me to the next athletic, health and fitness level. It took LOTS of cardio, LOTS of weights, LOTS of sweets restraint, but I made it! I even found some new things that I took a liking to that replaced some of my old cravings. In 2013 I lost a total of 13lbs. Since I've been married I've lost 18lbs. That is so cool! Oh, by the way, I beat my 5k running time by 5 minutes... WHAT?!?!?
  4. Mustle Gained-February of this year is one year exactly since I've revamped my entire weight lifting routine and experience. It's more extreme. More focused. Definately intentional. I've learned about the mustle groups in a new way. My body feels more aligned and I can feel my body crave a good weight lifting session. Overall, I feel so much more in "tune" with my body and it's needs. Gradually, God is allowing me to understand the importance of taking care of this fragile temple in His honor. I am thankful for this progressive revelation of the body.
  5. I finished my first year of teaching! Nuff said!

So there are a lot of things to look forward to in 2014. I plan on doing way more yoga and cross training besides running. I'll also be graduating with my Masters Degree in May (Whoo-hoo! Glory to God!). But there is so much more! I'm not ready to share it just yet. Trust, when the blessings come you'll know it! Just look out for me because 2014... I'm coming for you!

And by the way, in case you're discouraged about anything... just know that God has you in HIS hands and that He loves you more than you know. Be blessed!