Monday, October 29, 2012

Where have I been? Let me expain...

Good evening my dear readers! As I'm sure you've noticed I have been completely MIA for the past 6 months! Well, if you would like to know where I've been, I have recently transitioned my career into the classroom. I am currently a 7th grade English/Language Arts teacher for the local public school district here in Indianapolis. Unless you're a teacher, or you are close to a teacher, you probably will not completely understand how time consuming and demanding this career can be- especially for first year teachers. Let me explain my story.

For the past 5 years I have sincerely considered going into teaching. It wasn't my initial career path and it definately wasn't something that I've always wanted to do. There are two people in my life who greatly influenced me on this decision. Those people are my grandmother and my sister- both middle school teachers (social studies and spanish). Although my grandmother is passed away and my sister is no longer teaching, watching them in their craft has been so delightful and inspirational. I would say their teaching styles- the way they gave their all to their students and their passion for educating youth- was contagious and I caught the bug. Like them, I wanted to give more- give back.

"But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold." Job 23:10 NIV

It had been a long journey getting in where I fit in. I found my avenue through The New Teacher Project (TNTP). If any of you have seen the news or paid even a little bit of attention to it, you know that there is a high demand for qualified teachers in the areas of English, Math, Social Studies and Special Education. When I heard about the opportunities to come into a teaching career through TNTP, I applied. After a long and tedious weeding out process, I made it through and was invited into the cohort as a Special Education/English teacher. An awesome incentive to the program is a paid for master's degree in teaching. (What a blessing!!!)

The next step was Summer Institute- a summer long "teaching bootcamp" (as my cohort members like to call it) that literally took up my entire summer, nearly minute for minute. I completed all of my student teaching in 4 weeks. They stretch your thinking, push you to the limit and take you to a level of calibur that is unbelievable. I taught math, so I was stretched in a subject area that I didn't like or know much about. But after that experience, I believe that it only extended my abilities and pushed me to become a more well rounded teacher. It was hard and long, but it was worth it. The information we gleaned from the intense training made us ever ready for the high demands of the classroom.

I am currently placed in the greatest middle school in the city (I'm totally biased!!!) I LOVE my students, appreciate my administration and love what I do! The hours are LOOOOOONG. And there are many days that I am completely wiped out, only to have to go to class at night. But it's so worth it! I love the feeling of being an inspiration to my students. And it's recipricated because my students inspire me too! We're learning together. My life is so full and I appreciate all of the endless support from my husband, family, friends and loved ones. I truly feel blessed to be in the classroom- educating the next generation. It's a privilage that I don't take for granted, and an honor to inspire the leaders of tommorrow.

With all that being said, as life slows down and I get more of a rythm I'll be posting more. In the mean time, keep me in your prayers and I'll do the same. Until next time...

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